When Brooke joined us in the Next Level Growth Challenge back in June, she was averaging 8-10 new managements per month.

Brooke wears a lot of hats in her business so you'd probably think that this was pretty good-going. But she decided she wanted to take it to the next level, she knew that she was missing out on opportunities and new business was slipping through the cracks.

So she decided to invest in a Growth Coach, and she joined Round 2 of our 6 week challenge with Growth eXpert, Natalie South.

Here's what you need to know about Brooke. 

She's an implementer, which is why she thrived under the accountability piece in the challenge.

She did exactly what Natalie taught her in Week 3 around 'Referral Partners' and as a result she brought in 15 leads, in just ONE week, from a brand new referral partner. 

When Brooke told us she finished up with 28 signed new agreements for July, we were blown away and we quickly realised that not only did her asset value increase by $56,000, but her income was increased nicely by  $20,000 a year with 6 weeks effort.

She will continue to implement and build on her new skills and strategies and has set the realistic goal of $500,000 asset growth this financial year.

No wonder she thinks that "$1,100 and 6 weeks of my time" was a great investment.

Let's break it down...

Investment - $1,100 + gst

Result - $56,250 increase in asset value. 
Increased annual income of: $18,750

Timeframe - 6 weeks

12 month increase forecast 

Asset value - $487,125

Income - $162,375

To hear a little more about Brooke's thoughts on the challenge, check out the video below!

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Brooke Willis

Director - Brooke Willis Property