Time in Industry: 15+ years

Role: Director - Lean Property Management, Co-Founder - pmXcite

Specialises in: Systemisation, Digitisation, End-to-End Consultancy on Lean Management and Profitability within PM Agencies

Description: During the development of her own rent roll, she experienced the same angst and frustration of so many others around systems, office culture and delivering a quality service to her clients, all the while trying to make a profit. 

An offhand comment from her Accountant about the remarkable turnaround of a local manufacturing business introduced her to the world of lean thinking and she completely transformed her business by applying these methodologies to become streamlined, efficient, renowned for exceptional service and very profitable. 

Terri is now engaged by the top agencies in the country to help implement these proven strategies and help them stay at the top of their game.

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