A bit about Terri

✨ She's pretty much as old as she looks - not ancient but fits in the Gen X category (you know, the scary ones)

✨ Lives in Regional Qld (but tells everyone she is only 40 minutes from Noosa, daarling)

✨ Owned her own Agency, started a rent roll from scratch and then sold it when her son became unwell and she needed to sit on the couch for a while

✨ Not all that good with social media because, well...  she forgets (it's a work in progress)

✨ 100% believes what we do as property managers contributes to society in a way that can only be described as vital (such a good word).  Stand proud PMs!

✨ 9000% believes most of the issues that occur in the property management industry could be avoided completely with improved communication (she also likes to round up her numbers wherever possible)

✨ Was once described as pragmatic and felt a little insulted but now, because she has matured and is way more emotionally intelligent, realises that being practical and using common sense is actually a super power 🦸‍♀️ (particularly in property management)

✨ Consults and works with property management departments all over the place and has done for years (so many years)

✨ Is on a mission to have our clients (both sides of the coin - not just owners) hold their property managers in the highest of regard. Not just respected and valued, but put up on a very tall, very ornate pedestal. A sparkly one!  Oh, and she wants every conversation they have to do with their property, to start with "I just love my property manager" (well, maybe every 2nd one if we are being realistic)

✨ Has been married to Shane FOREVER, has two kids, two grandies and a very fat Labrador called Honey who has an exceptional understanding of what it takes to be a good property manager as a result of listening to Terri record her podcast each week from her favourite position on the grass, in the shade, outside the office window (like the subtle podcast plug there??)

✨ Dislikes Property Managers who act all "officious", they give the rest of the crew a bad name