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Are you a brand-new Property Manager bursting with potential, or a seasoned veteran ready to reach new heights? Whether it's 5 minutes or 5 years, PM Essentials is YOUR key to unlocking unparalleled success in property management! 

10 Easy & Fast Modules for Real Results: Dive into 10 fast-to-implement, easy-to-digest video-based modules containing 35 lessons that are ready to onboard, elevate, and thrill! Designed by Australia's #1 Property Management Consultant, Terri Handy, this flagship course will empower you to become an absolute STAR in your role! 

Be Loved by Tenants and Landlords Alike: Want to win hearts and deliver outstanding results? PM Essentials is your golden ticket! From warm welcomes to fond farewells, you'll master the art of service that makes you the go-to favourite! 

Unlock the Essentials & More - Get ready to explore:

Service Essentials

Master the 3 phases of a client's journey!
The Warm Welcome, Anticipatory Service and the Fond Farewell along with what service really looks like in property management.

Communication Essentials

Great communication is more than words; it's MAGIC!
Great communication skills are definitely an 
essential part of a Property Manager's toolkit. In this module you're taken through why it is so important and how this looks.

Leasing Essentials

Go beyond rent and create meaningful connections!
Leasing a property is more than just finding a tenant to pay rent. In this module, you'll understand the steps to take through this very important process.

Arrears Management Essentials

Handle arrears like a pro, minus the stress!
Arrears management is more than just "chasing someone" to pay their rent and if handled badly, the repercussions are extensive. Here you'll understand the best way to deal with arrears.

Routine Inspection Essentials

Nail those inspections and shine!
Without a doubt, routine inspections are one of the most valuable tasks a property manager is responsible for. In this module, you'll learn the essential steps to nailing this important process.

Lease Renewal Essentials

Maximise returns & make life easier!
In this module you'll learn the steps to follow to maximise your owners' return (and the agency's) with a strong lease renewal process. Oh, and your life as a property manager will be so much easier!

Repairs & Maintenance Essentials

Reduce stress and elevate satisfaction!
Repairs & maintenance are often the biggest pain points for clients and property managers. In this module, you'll learn the process to follow to reduce stress for everyone involved.

Vacating Tenant Essentials

Say goodbye with grace and avoid the drama!
In this module, you'll learn the best way to say goodbye to a tenant to avoid unnecessary drama and issues, including communication touch points and practical advice.

Time Management Essentials

Prioritise like a champion and set yourself up for success!
Understanding how to prioritise tasks and manage your time is critical for your success as a property manager. In this module, you will set yourself up for success from the start.

Lost Management Essentials

Navigate client transitions smoothly and thrive!
Understanding how to navigate this process is 
important for the ongoing success of the agency. In this module, you'll learn how to minimise the fallout when a client takes their business elsewhere.


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  • 10 Modules
  • Drip fed over 10 days
  • 35 Video Based Lessons
  • Downloadable Resources including Checklists
  • Q&A Access