We get it, you CAN'T control the market and all of the other external factors that impact your agency day to day, but you CAN control your client's experience which goes hand in hand with client retention.

The efficiency and skill level of your Property Management department, and your ability to grow a profitable portfolio through implementing well executed, results driven strategies and processes is what we're all about here at pmXcite.

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Growing and retaining your people and portfolio with pmXcite's help is as simple as...

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Terri Handy is obsessed with finding a simpler, easier and faster way to do things. It can become tedious for those who live with her at times! A reformed Coke Zero addict but still battling the hold M&M Peanuts have over her. Terri has never understood the appeal of coffee but don't mess with the way she brews her Green Tea with Rose Petal. Most of her career has involved customer service in one form or another, with stints as a Motelier, Real Estate Agency Owner and even a tiny dabble in recruitment before firmly finding her place in helping to implement positive change in the property management industry.