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PM Activate is an employment-focused program with Employment Outcomes on offer. PM Activate will help your job seekers to self-identify transferrable skills, understand where and how to gain industry certification requirements, prepare for interviews and prepare for a lucrative new career role in property management.


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A program that provides a clear pathway for Job Seekers to enter a career in Property Management

PM Activate has been built to assist Workforce Australia Employment Services Providers in preparing and assessing job seeker suitability to get outcome-producing jobs within the Property Management industry. 

Property Management Agencies throughout Australia are currently experiencing one of the largest skills shortages the industry has ever seen. The industry requires around 35,000 Property Managers on a day-to-day basis and there is a current reported shortage of approx 27% (10,000 property managers are needed to meet the current needs of the industry).

What does a career in property management look like for a job seeker?

They'll discover an exciting career in property management, thrive in a booming real estate market, engage with diverse properties and vibrant landlords and tenants, and play a crucial role in creating thriving communities. They'll enjoy a fantastic work-life balance, with regular structured hours. Excellent entry-level salaries ($50,000 to $70,000 for new Property Managers), and they'll embrace continuous learning and professional growth in this dynamic field. Unleashing their passion for building relationships, and making a positive impact as they embark on an exhilarating journey in the captivating world of property management.

Which Job Seekers are suitable for PM Activate?


The PM Activate pre-employment program is perfectly tailored for job seekers from diverse backgrounds who possess strong transferable skills, particularly those with experience in communication-intensive roles. Individuals who have worked in retail, hospitality, or call centers will find their skills in customer service, problem-solving, and crisis management highly applicable and advantageous in property management. This program is also an excellent opportunity for return-to-work parents who are looking to re-enter the workforce with a clear career path ahead of them.

The program is delivered either over 3 weeks (25 hours per week) or 5 Weeks (15 hours per week) with a total of 75 hours of training and activities with full automated compliance reporting


Engaging Training Like No Other

The Training component is delivered to your job seekers entirely online. It comprises 75 hours of dynamic training activities, offering participants two flexible scheduling options: either a condensed 3-week program at 25 hours per week, or a more extended 5-week program at 15 hours per week. These formats are specifically crafted to align with Job Seekers' Mutual Obligation Points Requirements and meet Job Skills training demands.

Within these 75 hours, PM Activate covers 10 Essential Skill Modules, expertly designed to prepare job seekers for a competitive edge during the interview stage. What sets this program apart is its revolutionary, engaging adventure delivery mode. Participants journey alongside Sarah, a character also navigating unemployment, as she endeavors to secure a position in Property Management.

This narrative is brought to life through the guidance of Penny, our dedicated PM Activate AI assistant. The training is structured into 15 captivating chapters, each lasting 5 hours. These include narrated storylines that parallel real-life scenarios, -- comprehensive learning modules, -- interactive activities, -- and quick assessments, all designed to ensure an immersive and impactful learning experience.

Final suitability check, interview and  initial job offers to the Pilot Program

There are three steps to the employment process.

Step One - our partner organisation Inspection Ninjas will interview the job seeker at the end of the PM Activate program to determine employability as a property manager, we expect during this pilot project that around 50% of the job seekers initially in South East Queensland to receive provisional job offers to work as Property Management Field Assistants where they will spend 3 months in employment, conducting routine property inspections. Before they can start that role they will need to obtain the appropriate license to become a Property Manager.

Step Two - pmXcite will reach out to its exhaustive network of 4500 Property Management Agencies to find opportunities for job seekers to continue employment in a role as Entry Level Property Manager

Step Three - for job seekers outside of South East Queensland pmXcite will interview the job seeker and then reach out to its Australia-wide network to find opportunities for job seekers deemed suitable to a role as Entry Level Property Manager

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