10,000 Property Management Jobs Need Filling Right Now!

PM Activate will help your job seekers to self-identify transferrable skills, understand where and how to gain industry certification requirements, prepare for interviews and prepare for a lucrative new career role in property management.

Basically, if you have job seekers that fit the mould, this program will assist them to attain a new career, whilst also meeting Workforce Australia job-seeking activity requirements.

A Job Seeker Activity Record is automatically provided to the Employment Consultant for compliance.

A program that provides a pathway for job seekers to enter a career in Property Management

PM Activate has been built to assist Workforce Australia Employment Services Providers in preparing and assessing job seeker suitability to get outcome-producing jobs within the Property Management industry. 

Property Management Agencies throughout Australia are currently experiencing one of the largest skills shortages the industry has ever seen. The industry requires around 35,000 Property Managers on a day-to-day basis and there is a current reported shortage of approx 27% (10,000 property managers are needed to meet the current needs of the industry).

What does a career in property management look like for a job seeker?

They'll discover an exciting career in property management, thrive in a booming real estate market, engage with diverse properties and vibrant landlords and tenants, and play a crucial role in creating thriving communities. They'll enjoy a fantastic work-life balance, with regular structured hours. Excellent entry-level salaries ($47,000 to $60,000 for new Property Managers), and they'll embrace continuous learning and professional growth in this dynamic field. Unleashing their passion for building relationships, and making a positive impact as they embark on an exhilarating journey in the captivating world of property management.

Which Job Seekers are suitable for PM Activate?

Anyone who is curious about what a career in Property Management is all about. Previous roles that have compatible transferable skills that typically lead to successful interviews for new Property Managers include hospitality workers, baristas, retail shop assistants, administration officers, call centre operators and salespeople. Other jobseekers that have just finished university also generally do well in interviews for becoming a Property Manager. Alternatively people with an outgoing, confident personality with good communication skills typically do very well in interviews. The ability to relate to all types of people is crucial in this industry.

The program is broken into 3 activity components delivered over 3 weeks (24 hours of activities with full reporting)


Transferable skills, understanding the job role and how to get the certifications required.

This comprehensive first module provides jobseekers with a detailed understanding of the Property Manager role, explores the transferable skills applicable to this career, and guides them through a self-assessment exercise to evaluate their suitability. It also covers the necessary certifications for the role and outlines the steps to obtain them. Furthermore, participants are encouraged to research the specific requirements for their state, enabling them to provide this information to you, the Employment Consultant, for further support.

3 key modules from the industry-recognised PM Essentials course

Terri Handy guides the job seeker via video segments through three key Modules from PM Essentials one of the industry's most valued onboarding and key skill expansion programs. These 3 modules cover Service Essentials, Communication Essentials and Time Management Essentials. The Job Seeker then is quizzed on the key learning objectives from the modules. The learning from these modules assists in preparing them relevant industry knowledge to use in the Property Management interview process.

Final suitability check and practice activities 

The last set of activities includes self-evaluation of suitability to move forward and start seeking a career in Property Management. We've also included two comprehensive practice activities directly linked to one of the most important daily tasks of a Property Manager - conducting Routine Inspections. The participant will conduct 2 mock routine property inspections including submitting routine inspection reports. This gives the participant real-world experience to talk about in future interviews for Property Management roles.

How do you enrol a job seeker in PM Activate?


Complete the form below. After payment, you will receive your record of enrolment/tax invoice for your claim back from the Department.

Your Job Seeker will then automatically receive their login details on the email address that you provide (ps. make sure it is spelt correctly), if they can't find their enrolment email ask them to check their junk mail just in case it has ended up there.

You will be kept informed along the way of their progress in the program and automatically emailed a full activity report at the conclusion of the program for your compliance records.