Why Zero Tolerance is No Longer a "Thing"

Season #1

You might not agree with what Terri has to say this week on the Podcast where she talks about removing the words Zero Tolerance from a Property Manager's vocabulary when referring to how they manage rent being paid on time.

She believes it is an outdated and overused term that is not relevant in today's market and actually damages relationships way more than we realise.

Terri shares her own experience as to what happened when she went all "Terminator" with her zero-tolerance manner with a renter and why these words should not form part of your "pitch" to prospective clients.

And as always, she shares an example of a script she recommends that send the right message to our clients.  One for a new renter and another for a potential owner.

Once again, we thank our friends at Inspection Manager for their support of the podcast.  They really do enjoy helping to make the lives of property managers easier.