3 Things to Do to Prevent Being Blindsided as a New PM

Season #1

Stepping into a new portfolio is probably one of the most stressful things a property manager can do, even if you have been doing the job for 20+ years.

It takes time to develop relationships and get your head around all the moving parts that are going on in a property manager's world.  And if there is a history of change/upheaval in that particular chair before you get to sit in it, well... there are going to be lots of ruffled feathers that need soothing.

In this episode, Terri shares 3 things that you can do as a new property manager that might help you get ahead of some potential fires and allow you to breathe a little easier.  Things that not everyone thinks about doing when they first start with an agency (usually because they are too stressed).

 As always, a very big thank you to Inspection Manager for their support in bringing this podcast episode to PMs everywhere - they really are all about making the lives of property managers easier.