3 ways to help clients appreciate everything you do

Season #1

Regardless of your love language most people love to receive an unexpected gesture of appreciation for what they do. Some flowers, a box of chocolates or even a simple thank you can help fill our cup to the brim.

Often property managers feel they go unnoticed by their clients.  That they are unappreciated and their work is undervalued.  Part of this is due to the busy world in which we live in - everyone has so much going on, they don't always notice the stuff we would like them to. Another reason is the increase in expectations from our clients - it seems the more we give/do, the more they want/demand (it's not just us).  But mainly, it is because we are not very good at demonstrating our own value.  

In this episode, Terri shares a story about a property manager who seemingly has a constant stream of "appreciation gifts" arriving at the office from grateful clients and 3 simple things she does that have them going out of their way to recognise her efforts.

And it's not just the property manager concerned who benefits - her whole team also gets the warm and fuzzies from her being acknowledged in this way (and also a choccy or two).