What this agency did to turn their compliance struggle into a triumph!

Season #1

It doesn't seem to matter where you are located at the moment, the rules for residential rental properties have either recently changed, are about to change or have been slated for change.

This can mean some tricky conversations for property managers with those clients who perhaps don't think the rules necessarily apply to them or even some who are simply not able to afford to have the required works completed.

In this episode, Terri shares a case study of an office in Melbourne who found themselves with over a third of their properties not compliant, with owners who had been avoiding having to conduct the all important safety checks and smoke alarm compliance.

She breaks down some of the communication touch points this agency used to quickly get their clients agreeing to having the required works completed - in record time.  And she also outlines one of the most surprising, in a good way, outcomes of the project.