So you've bought a rent roll... 3 crucial things to do during the retention period

Season #1

We are at the start of a new financial year in Australia when this episode drops, and because this is often the time that the sale of rent rolls will have just settled, the timing is right to share some suggestions on what to focus on over the next few months, if you have purchased a new portfolio.

Whether you have negotiated 3 months or longer as your retention period, this condition of the sale is really key to ensuring that you are maximising your return on what is a considerable investment, regardless of the number of properties you have purchased.

And while many agency owners are good at recognising the benefits of adding a bulk number of properties to their property management department in one fell swoop, what they don't often do is pay attention to some crucial items during the retention period which will help not only reduce risk to the agency, but maximise the return on their investment.

In today's episode, Terri shares three things anyone who purchases a rent roll should be doing during the retention period to maximise the return on their investment.