Try this, to shut down a common complaint about PMs

Season #1

If we asked 50 property management businesses to talk about their point of difference, we could reasonably expect all 50 would bang on about how great their communication is.

But... if we asked 50 of their clients to share what frustrates them most about their property manager, the chances are, all of them would mention how hard they are to get hold of or receive a response from. Basically, their communication. So how do we fix this problem? Because property managers are under the pump, it's not like they don't work hard for their clients and that they don't recognise communication is important.

In this episode Terri shares a simple, but incredibly effective tool that she believes every property manager should use to not only help them connect better with their clients, but one that will reduce interruptions and increase their own efficiency. And the bonus is, it doesn't cost much, if anything, to implement.